Company Overview

Ruthmic is a BEE Level 1 company providing a full boutique of project related services namely building, construction, maintenance and telecommunications.

We specialize in Telecommunications and associated infrastructure services & products that include full site audits and reports, design proposals, civil Construction, erecting shelters, reticulation of shelters, towers, and As-Built documents.

Our value proposition is to deliver turnkey projects, project manage them following industry recommended methodologies right from inception to closure and offer support and maintenance thereafter. Quality, integrity, customer relationships, professionalism and solution efficiency are our main drivers in our business.

We believe in empowering South Africans and takes pride in female development, which is demonstrated in one of the business director is being a black female.

Our Goals

Ruthmic is strongly committed, not only to caring for our clients, but also to looking after our staff’s well-being, in order to have a stable and committed workforce.
Ruthmic places great emphasis on quality customer service through our quality workmanship.
This gives our operational staff the opportunity to concentrate all their time as productively as possible servicing our clients.
Ruthmic strives to identify and satisfy all our clients’ needs, and to supply a cost effective and professional service.


Our Team

Ruthmic has a competent team with extensive and valuable experience and skills to operate in the industry.

Our extensive knowledge, skills and expertise will make a significant impact on the organisations/clients.

Ruthmic is a true reflection of the new South African ideal where diverse personnel combine their skills to provide maximum value to our clients.
The fact that every employee has a committed interest in contributing to the success, growth and prosperity of the company enables us to continuously deliver on our promises and surpass client expectations.

Our Vision

To become the partner of choice for our clients, and a company whose staff are proud to be an integral part of.


Our Mission

To adopt a one-to-one approach with all our clients by entrenching lasting relationships and delivering innovative tailor made solutions and excellent service.

Aligning the company with the evolving Telecommunications and Energy sectors on the African continent, to the mutual benefit of all stakeholders.

Adopting a customer centric approach that dictates that our client’s needs and requirements are entirely satisfied and their expectations are exceeded, both practically and economically.

Furthermore, to undertake and provide customers with a partnership as a service provider, thus forming a strategic alliance with the client.

To deliver quality service.

To utilise quality material.

Our Values

At Ruthmic, we are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Our employees are the most valued assets of our company, essential participants with a shared responsibility in fulfilling our mission.
We recognize that the quality, motivation and performance of our employees are the key factors in achieving our success.


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